Book Review: Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell

This is what I posted for my review on Chatterbox in Oct 2015:

An advance copy of “Depraved Heart” by Patricia Cornwell was sent to me for free by Chatterbox in exchange for an honest review.

In summary, it was a let down. I guess if you have read the books before in the series, and liked them, you would like this. This is my first book in the series so that may be why I do not. To me it seems like the author uses too many words to describe the nothing that is happening. The first third of the book Dr. Scarpetta is watching a ten minute video. That’s just insane. Do I really need to know every light and shadow angle in this video (that surprise surprise) shows basically nothing. Finally almost exactly halfway through the book things start going. That is way too long to wait. But perhaps I’m just not a patient reader. Also, the way the niece is described in the first chapter is very different than in the third chapter. No consistency within an apparently important character. And the timeline does not make sense. There is also too much back story and it gets complicated. The author is trying to explain entire lives in one book. The ending was disappointing. It’s just thinking ahead to the next book so there are things left unanswered. Definitely not a stand alone novel.

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